Choosing Scrub Uniforms

Nursing scrubs and medical uniforms used to be very basic in design and only offered white or pale green for color options. However as nursing and medical technician careers continue to prosper the uniform scrub has seen a fashion revolution so to speak in the amazing variety now available to both male and female nurses. With top brand name designers such as Cherokee and Baby Phat lending high quality fabrics and star power labels to nursing scrubs the once drab and plain medical uniforms now features a wide variety of colorful and contemporary print tops and athletic pants to offer comfort, flexibility and style.

Depending on the field of nursing or medicine you are working in you will want to be both frugal and practical in selecting medical uniforms to match the job requirements and the setting. Whether your nursing job includes caring for newborn babies or senior citizens matching your outfit to the type of work you are doing and of course your patients will make the work easier for you and provide a comfortable uniform to perform your nursing duties.

When you shop for nursing scrubs or a medical uniform keep in mind the setting you are working in and who you are caring for. Some nurses work in large hospitals that require lots of movement while others have more administrative tasks to tend to working in a smaller family practice office. For fast pace environments it is important to wear form fitting nursing scrub tops and pants that allow for sufficient airflow and maximum flexibility. Running between floors, through wards and to and from laboratories and pharmacies involves navigating patients and other medical staff as well as equipment that can easily snag a too-loose fitting scrub.

Many contemporary nursing scrubs and medical uniforms mimic athletic wear and it only makes sense that such a pressure-filled job would find a fitting outfit including drawstring pants, athletic footwear and tops with side vents, convenient pockets and elastic waistbands. Nursing is far too important to have to worry about an ill-fitting or poorly designed uniform.



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