Cool Magic Card Tricks


Most people enjoy magic. It is often totally mind-blowing, mysterious, humorous, greatly amusing and very engaging. Card tricks are always a fun portion of magic shows or a fun thing to do with friends. Card tricks are helpful, given that card magic may be used as a social skill.

Once you start with card magic, it’s hard to quit. Card magic will rapidly turn into your hobby, and although it isn’t really addictive in the same sense live blackjack is, it can easily take chunks of time out of your week, as you improve at it and it becomes more and more fun.

Card magic tricks have been a mainstay of the Online magician hire group for a long time, and there are numerous effects using a standard deck of 52 cards which will interest mathematics enthusiasts. Basic methods are counting (often secretly), reversing cards, arranging some or all of the deck beforehand, and shuffling of various sorts. The mathematical tricks have underlying principles with real mathematical content, which range from basic arithmetic, binary numbers and permutations to combinatorics and probability.

Good card tricks can help you become part of the magic wave taking place today, while you don’t have to use a whole lot of your time or energy learning them. Learning how to do card tricks doesn’t have to be hard and they don’t need to be difficult to execute to be impressive.

Card magic tricks are some of the most enjoyable feats that audiences enjoy seeing in magic shows. Card magic is fun for adults and children alike, but it can be tough to accomplish the sleight-of-hand which many card magic tricks require. Learning card tricks is not as tough as what you think, though. In contrast to some other card tricks, the fan is easy to learn but difficult to perfect.

Using a deck of playing cards is generally all you need to get going with good card tricks and you can make cards disappear or even get the audience involved by attempting to outsmart you by remembering cards (you would be using memorization tactics) or something of the sort.

A lot of people are searching for the way to learn uncomplicated card magic tricks since they don’t wish to learn any tricks that are full of advanced techniques that they can’t execute.

Throughout the years I’ve seen many card magic tricks, some have been easy, some more difficult and often these tricks involve sleight of hand. Sleight of hand is an extremely impressive skill to perfect, but for some, it may take many hours of practice.

It is very helpful when learning how to execute a card trick to have detailed step-by-step instructions telling you what to do. Check out these free cool magic card tricks that include detailed instructions.


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