Looking to Buy a PlayStation Online? Read This First


First, you need to decide which version best suits your gaming needs. Secondly, you need to know if there are any major changes to the system. Finally, you need to know what reviewers and consumers who have used the gaming station think about its performance.

By looking at these three things, you will know you made an informed buying decision and that you’ll be happy with your purchase. It can be very disappointing to get home and find that your console doesn’t fit your gaming needs.

So, consider these things before you buy PlayStation online:

You have a choice between the PS3 Slim (120GB) and the PS3: The two current psvr trade in value consoles on the market offer a similar gaming experience, but have crucial differences.

First, the similarities:

Both versions offer stunning graphics and exclusive quality games, like Resistance and Warhawk, that PlayStation has become known for. They also both offer the Dual shock 3 rumble motion sensing controller that provides realistic and intuitive game play.

Both versions come with arguably the best high definition Blu-ray player on the market, and Wi-Fi capabilities. All PlayStation consoles also provide access to the PlayStation store, which has exclusive content, free demos, movies, televisions shows and more. The PS3 and the PS3 Slim are complete entertainment systems, backed with powerful technology and created by a company known for its innovative and forward thinking approach to gaming.

Of course, there are some key differences between the 2 consoles:

The PS3 Slim is smaller, cheaper, and quieter than the PS3. It’s also more energy efficient and doesn’t get as hot during play. It offers more storage, and has an updated CPU. The trade off for all this is that the PS3 Slim doesn’t offer a media card slot and features 2 fewer USB ports. This brings us to the biggest difference between the two PlayStation consoles:

Major Changes:

The PS3 Slim lacks PS2 compatibility. This is a hotly debated topic amongst gamers. Some people refuse to buy a PS3 Slim because of this feature and some people just accept it and move on. Those who choose to overlook this fact say that it makes no sense to buy a PS3 and use it to play ‘antiquated’ games when the PS3 ones are so much more vivid and engrossing. On this issue, it really comes down to personal preference.

What Others Think: For most in the gaming community, the favorable features of the PS3 Slim outweigh the compatibility issue. It’s currently the top selling PlayStation on Amazon.com, one of the most reputable online stores. The PS3 sales however, are still very brisk.

It’s obvious the choice of which PlayStation to buy comes down to your personal preference, and how important backward compatibility is to you. Both of the PlayStation consoles have received rave reviews from die-hard gamers, and those who are new to the gaming industry. Both consoles offer an outstanding multi media hub, and an extremely versatile and robust gaming system. Whichever one you decide fits you best, if you buy Play Station online, you’ll be very happy with the end result.


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